About Us

Who Are We?

Career Connection Network is proud to be a Certified, New York State Woman-Owned business!  Our staffing firm was founded on the basic principles of identifying the most qualified candidates and partnering this candidate talent with our client hiring needs. We consider ourselves an extension of our clients Human Resource team and pride ourselves in our ability to identify and understand corporate cultures, environments and business structures so that sound hiring decisions can be made effortlessly for all parties involved.

Our experienced team offers nearly 100 years collectively in corporate recruiting and/or the staffing industry.  We consider ourselves industry experts in matching prospective candidates to our hiring clients' needs and objectives. We are proud of the relationships we have built over several years of networking, developing, and engaging with professionals at all levels.

Our Talent management expertise ensures that we attract, develop and retain the best career professionals required to achieve our business targets better, faster and more cost-effectively. Our talent for screening and selecting candidates goes beyond traditional recruitment experience: the candidate’s skills on paper are important, but finding the right professional to invest in long term requires an understanding of the individual’s values that are not routinely found on a resume.

Our professional ideals guide our staffing and hiring decisions and shape how we make a meaningful impact in the WNY Market.  Our value system helps to define Career Connection Network’s culture!


Strong business relationships are the foundation of an exceptional service experience. We take every opportunity to understand our clients’ businesses and missions, as well as our candidate’s skills, goals and interests. This insight enables us to build trust, tailor our services and deliver superior outcomes. Building relationships also allows us to tap into the varied talents, perspectives and insights of a diverse workforce and client base.


Our commitment to meeting our clients’ and candidates’ expectations is the foundation for building trust in our business relationships. Quite simply, we cultivate an environment that demands integrity and accountability. To ensure our clients and our candidates know exactly what they can expect from us, we make it our mission to employ bright, honest and hardworking individuals who possess a great deal of pride in meeting high expectations and offering a high level of integrity.

Servicing Others

It is important for us to respect others and do the right thing. By finding meaning and purpose in leading through meeting the needs of our teammates, clients and candidates, we experience the highest levels of engagement and satisfaction across all of our relationships.

Open Communications

It is our goal to continually enhance the service experience we provide. To achieve this, we believe in giving and receiving direct, honest feedback on areas of improvement and opportunities for our organization to grow. This open communication model enables us to help each other develop professionally and allows us to forge strong client and candidate relationships that deliver superior business outcomes.